Sunday, May 31, 2009


What is my favorite thing to eat on a warm saturday evening? That would have to be sushi. And where you might ask would be the best place in Boise to eat said sushi? Shige's Express. Probably the most anticipated family outing, usually rewarding yardwork or the return of a college student, so you can imagine my excitement to return to Boise and be treated to such fine Japanese cuisine.

I loved sitting with the fam, chatting with some Boise Braves (who incidentally kept taking all of the good sushi before it could float down to me...), and playing the "pretend" game with Michael and Hannah. It was deliciously delightful.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It was a pool party for all of the cool kids at my school

Q:Whats better than kicking off summer with a pool party?
A: Nothing

The weekend after school ended and summer began, Colie and I traveled to Stacia's house for the first pool party of the summer. It was so great to see everyone who had moved home! We played H2O UNO and ate some delicious barbeque, making it the best summer start imaginable.

Moving is always better with Aggie Ice-Cream

It was the last day of moving into my new apartment. I had been dreading and procrastinating it. Luckily Colie was spending the night at my house, so I had a hostage slave. After retrieving the rest of my stuff, we trekked off to aggie ice-cream to reward ourselves for all the hard work we'd done.
Of course I indulged in my all time favorite Aggie Blue Mint but also trieda lemon custard. It was in a word...dreamy. So here's to indulging in the very best Utah State way.