Friday, October 31, 2008

Photoshop Fun





Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallows Eve

I'll tell you all about it...

Très fantastique et grand

Wow. This week has turned out a little bit amazing. Good grades are flying all over the place, everything seems to be working out for tomorrow's festivities, and I have a clean room!

I can only think of one thing that can top everything that has happened this week. Stay tuned...

Mid Term of Death

As I sat in class Tuesday morning taking a mid term for my news-writing class, I began to wonder, "Why are my freshman level classes the hardest ones on my schedule?" This test was rocking me. The previous night I delayed studying to edit a friends paper. Unfortunately this took much longer than expected and of course I decided to study in the morning. 

Of course, morning came much sooner than I wanted and by the time I was dressed and ready to go, I had about 15 minutes to study. The hard part was I didn't know how or what to study. Our test wouldn't be multiple choice, or a writing sample. All I could do was read through my notes and hope they would save me.

The test took me all 75 minutes to complete. Most of the time I'd get half the answer and had to make up the rest. I left discouraged. That test had taken me for a ride.

This morning he handed our mid terms back...I was dreading the outcome. My heart sank as I turned the pages trying to find my score. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw I had received a 94%!

So here's to news-writing...maybe I'm not as horrible as I thought.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A True Aggie

Many have heard the rumors, and I am here to admit they are true. As of Saturday, October 25, 2008, I am a True Aggie.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Utah State tradition of becoming a True Aggie, I'll fill you in.  In 1917, a group of students from Salt Lake City created their headstone on campus. It was a monument consisting of four A's arranged in a square, with a platform on top. In the 1930's it became tradition to stand atop the monument at midnight during a full moon and kiss someone. By doing so, you become a True Aggie.


A few years ago (between 5 and 15 years) Utah State obtained the world record for most people kissing at one time. It was later snatched from us by two other countries. This year, we decided to reclaim the throne.  So last Friday night, after the Homecoming dance, hundreds of couples lined up around the monument waiting to kiss at the stroke of midnight. 

I decided to go with my roommate Amanda, her boyfriend Todd, and some of their friends. I was hesitant as I didn't yet have a companion to actually kiss. Upon arrival, we got in line, and then progressed to the area around the monument. I, still without a man, turned to Todd for help. Todd didn't end up being very helpful, but our friend Katrina did. She marched over to the sidelines and began talking to a very attractive man. After trying to persuade him to kiss a complete stranger, he admitted he didn't really want to take part in the event. His friend however did. 

From afar he seemed handsome enough, but as he drew nearer I realized he wasn't the kind of guy I would normally go after. However, it was 5 minutes til midnight so I didn't complain. We went through all of the formalities to waste the time...questions about majors, hometowns, etc. were exchanged. Then the countdown started. Now most couples waited until 2 or 1 to begin guy started at 10. Lets just say he was eager. You can imagine what was going on in those very long ten seconds. After the time had passed, he hadn't finished, but I definitely had. So I awkwardly pulled away and thanked him.

The best part is that I don't remember his name. It was a hilariously fantastic experience that I will remember forever. 


Ok, so I guess it has been a while since my last post. Due to some harassment from one of my beloved fellow "D.I.N." members, I present the last three months of my life.

Where to begin...well maybe August is a good place to start. During my first week after I moved back to the quaint city of Logan, Utah, I stumbled upon many new experiences .
1. Moving all of my belongings into a hotel room for one night because my apartment wasn't ready on time.
2. Becoming a "big girl" and putting the utility bill in my name.
3. Getting married and adopting 8 children.

You may be surprised by number 3, which is to be expected. As I returned to school I had the opportunity to be a facilitator for Utah State's Fall Leadership Conference also known as Aggie B.L.U.E. (Building Leaders for University Excellence). There I partnered up with my co-facilitator (or husband) Chase, and we recieved 8 participants (or children): Liz, Lauren, Hilary, Jessica, Ed, Adam, Jeremy, and Cooper. My large family grew together as we dominated difficult challenges, listened to inspiring lectures (as well as some not-so-inspiring ones), shared our most intimate backgrounds, and became better leaders. 

As a participant last year, I learned a lot. As a facilitator, I learned more. I met some of the best people attending this University and formed strong and lasting bonds. So here's a little shout out to you Aggie B.L.U.E. Team '08 - Always color outside the lines!

August soon left as classes began and September rolled around. I was now living with three phenomenal girls. Amanda, Star, and Kylie soon became my close friends. We have enjoyed football games, trips to Walmart, hundreds of viewings of "Baby Mama," cooking fiascos, and so much more. I love these girls.
October has been an interesting month. Good things, bad things, happy things and very sad things have happened but I seem to be driving forward. Many friends have been made and the best of friends have been lost, but will never be forgotten. 

So there you have it...August through October in a nutshell. I hope you are satisfied Lyss.