Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Bon Fire!

For Stacia's 21st birthday, a group of us decided to go up to green canyon and have a bon fire! Colie, Brady, and I set out to find wood for said fire in Brady's jeep. We got up to the canyon before everyone else and decided to take advantage of our free time, and capabilities of the jeep. In the midst of off-roading, I declared the jeep to be an "adventure car" and that was the night the three of us formed the Adventure Crew.

After everyone arrived we built the fire and had fun including Brady building torches, jumping over the fire and group photoshoots.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Centro de la Familia

So Leah and I had an english project where we had to do service somewhere around town and do a presentation on it. I got so excited. I jumped at the opportunity to go to my favorite service location in Logan...Centro de la Familia! It is a head start program for small migrant children. The ages range from infancy to six years old. They are the cutest things. Most of them speak primarily spanish. Unfortunately I only know about 10 words in spanish (I know, I know, you're thinking "what kind of cuban is this girl?"), however, I just love playing with them. Language doesn't even seem to be much of a barrier and I love it.

When Lou and I got there to volunteer, the kids were no where to be seen. Sadly, school was out of session and wouldn't be back in for a month. So instead...we organized! I'll tell you what, we were dang good at it too. We packed up the D.I. stuff like champs and swept like fiends.

Although we didn't get to do what we had first intended, we had a great time just being with eachother (a rarity since shes in the Mrs. club).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the award goes to...

It was that time of year again. Women clad in flowing gowns, men looking dapper in tuxedos, and little golden trophies being handed out everywhere, but not to everyone.
Of course, there was one award ceremony that topped them all on my charts...the Associated Students of Utah State University Awards Banquet. Members across campus, with one
common quality: Large contributors to ASUSU, gathered in the ballroom to see the recipients of this years awards.

The event had a fantastic southwestern theme with tables adorned with miniature piñatas and tiny bales of hay. The smell of the fajitas wafted through the air as we all sat down. We enjoyed an evening with friends, food, and of course awards.

Suprisingly...I got one! I had no idea walking into that room that I would be walking out of it with an award in hand. I was the proud recipient of the ASUSU Dedication Award. It was the perfect twist to an already fantastic evening!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Animal Dayz

So what could be the worst possible thing to do after getting home from End of Year Bash at 3 am? Getting up at 8 am for Baby Animal Days! Colie and I were required to volunteer at the Cache Valley event for our programming class, and neither of us were excited. Both of us looked a little haggard from the events of the previous night.

We drove out to the Western Heritage Center and proceeded to tackle our responsibilities. Luckily we were in charge of Entertainment, which meant we got to watch puppet shows. It was so fun. The puppet lady was a little bit of a crazy pants, making her shows hysterical.

During our lunch break, Colie and I had the opportunity to walk around learn about sheep shearing, spinning wool, and take GLAMOUR shots. It was hilarious walking around and posing our faux senior pictures. It definitely helped turn a haggard day into a fun and memorable one!

End of Year Bash!

Our last event of the year is an all day party for the students called "End of Year Bash." We provide entertainment, food, and prizes all for free!

This year we had Raining Jane, a phenomenal band that we on the programming board love to death. They are a group of four girls that sing eclectic rock-folk music. Not only do they have musical talent, but they are the most hilarious group of girls you'll ever meet. Check them out at or .

We served walking tacos (a bag of fritos with chili, cheese, and sour cream poured in) and had a balloon scavenger hunt. The ballroom was full of blow up toys (bounce-house type obstacle courses).

After everyone left we cleaned up the blow up toys...which took forever and led to the owner wiping his sweaty head on my hand. I was traumatized to say the least. After we finished, we dropped down to Juniper Take-Out for dinner. It was delicious. When we were about to leave, Colie couldn't find her keys. She looked everywhere for them, as Katie, Brady, and I stood out by the car. We weren't very helpful. She came out and asked us if she had left them in the ignition. Laughing we looked and there they were. To our surprise, the doors were unlocked, and the engine was still running! This just proved that Logan is the safest place on earth.

On our way back to school for the "Bust-A-Groove" competition, we drove by a park and saw a small girl running her fastest across the street carrying a propane tank. Following that, we saw a man dressed as "Waldo" walking across campus. We couldn't fathom what kind of weirdness was going on.

After arriving back at school, we sat down to watch the break dance competition and lo and behold there was Waldo! He was one of the dancers and he provided us with a lot of entertainment that night.

When the competition was over, the room turned into a dance floor and we had a massive dance party. It was such a fun night. I made so many great friends and had a blast!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flea Market

Last year, when I applied to be the Activities Director on the Programming Board at Utah State, I had to come up with some new and original ideas for events. One of my very favorite ideas, was a flea market. I wanted an event where students who were graduating, getting married, or just had stuff they no longer wanted could sell to other students. I also thought it would be great for young artists to make a little profit off of their talents.

Well this year, my event became a reality. I joined up with the Entrepreneur Club at USU and we created a really great event. It was small, but turned out great for being a first year event. Many students from the art guild sold pieces, and a lot of clubs came to sell their left-over t-shirts. We had some really great bands play and even served Scotsman dogs, a Utah State delicacy.

I'm really thrilled with how it turned out and hope to see it do even better next year!