Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Animal Dayz

So what could be the worst possible thing to do after getting home from End of Year Bash at 3 am? Getting up at 8 am for Baby Animal Days! Colie and I were required to volunteer at the Cache Valley event for our programming class, and neither of us were excited. Both of us looked a little haggard from the events of the previous night.

We drove out to the Western Heritage Center and proceeded to tackle our responsibilities. Luckily we were in charge of Entertainment, which meant we got to watch puppet shows. It was so fun. The puppet lady was a little bit of a crazy pants, making her shows hysterical.

During our lunch break, Colie and I had the opportunity to walk around learn about sheep shearing, spinning wool, and take GLAMOUR shots. It was hilarious walking around and posing our faux senior pictures. It definitely helped turn a haggard day into a fun and memorable one!

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