Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the award goes to...

It was that time of year again. Women clad in flowing gowns, men looking dapper in tuxedos, and little golden trophies being handed out everywhere, but not to everyone.
Of course, there was one award ceremony that topped them all on my charts...the Associated Students of Utah State University Awards Banquet. Members across campus, with one
common quality: Large contributors to ASUSU, gathered in the ballroom to see the recipients of this years awards.

The event had a fantastic southwestern theme with tables adorned with miniature piƱatas and tiny bales of hay. The smell of the fajitas wafted through the air as we all sat down. We enjoyed an evening with friends, food, and of course awards.

Suprisingly...I got one! I had no idea walking into that room that I would be walking out of it with an award in hand. I was the proud recipient of the ASUSU Dedication Award. It was the perfect twist to an already fantastic evening!

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