Saturday, April 18, 2009

Centro de la Familia

So Leah and I had an english project where we had to do service somewhere around town and do a presentation on it. I got so excited. I jumped at the opportunity to go to my favorite service location in Logan...Centro de la Familia! It is a head start program for small migrant children. The ages range from infancy to six years old. They are the cutest things. Most of them speak primarily spanish. Unfortunately I only know about 10 words in spanish (I know, I know, you're thinking "what kind of cuban is this girl?"), however, I just love playing with them. Language doesn't even seem to be much of a barrier and I love it.

When Lou and I got there to volunteer, the kids were no where to be seen. Sadly, school was out of session and wouldn't be back in for a month. So instead...we organized! I'll tell you what, we were dang good at it too. We packed up the D.I. stuff like champs and swept like fiends.

Although we didn't get to do what we had first intended, we had a great time just being with eachother (a rarity since shes in the Mrs. club).

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  1. ok...don't worry that we were coughing the rest of the day because of all the dirt in that place. Rach...I work with this girl that sort of reminds me of you and some times I just bust up laughing because she says something that I know you would have said. it makes me miss you. loves
    p.s. when you update you update big time. ;)