Friday, July 3, 2009

Granola in July

Q: What always makes summer better?
A: A hot granola crush

So earlier this week I ventured out to Idaho Falls with Court and Jake to help get some wedding stuff in order. After a horrible meeting with a catering prospect, we went to our appointment at an upscale restaurant called The Cellar. And that was where we met HIM.

His name is Bryan. He manages The Cellar. He's got a great beard and curly brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. I dont know what it was about him but I was totally smitten. And the way he talked about food...

Unfortunately he's already seriously involved, and probably about 10 years older than me, but a girl can dream right?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Toast #2

Many of you have had the wonderful pleasure of being a passenger in my gem of a car whom I've recently renamed Stella. I have done so, because she tends to have issues a lot, and when she does, I've found it's a great opportunity for me to yell "Stella" in my best Marlon Brando voice. If you've got no clue as to what I am referring to, I am deeply ashamed of you and advise you to either read or watch (your choice) the American classic, "A Streetcar Named Desire."

Back on topic, I was out running errands last week and when I got to the sports academy, I realized I'd absentmindedly left my water bottle on my kitchen counter. I debated whether I could get through my workout without it and came to the conclusion I couldn't. Reluctantly I drove home to fetch it. When I got to that crazy awful four-way stop on 6th and 10th, I waited my turn and then began to move forward. Oddly, Stella died. I started her up again and moved through the intersection, but not 60 feet through, she died again and this time unable to be resuscitated. Diagnosis: out of gas, usually preventable unless your meter is broken like Stella's is.

Not only was my baby dead on the side of the road, she was parked right in front of a bus stop. In a panic I called my roommate which labored no avail. Luckily my soul sister Josie came to my rescue. Upon her arrival we pushed my car in front of the bus sign and ventured to the gas station.

As I walked in, I saw the man at the counter wasn't my usual gas related savior. When I got to the counter, I explained my predicament only to have the Chevron attendant tell me that they didn't have gas cans and he couldn't help me. I was internally irate. I knew his statement was false as I'd used such services not only a month ago. I stood there hopeless, confused, and distraught about what I would do. And then HE came...

He worked at the Ford dealership next door. He offered me a can they had just "kicking" around the shop. I couldn't believe his kindness. We walked over and retrieved it from the dealership, and to my surprise it was already full! He said to use what I needed to get to the gas station and return it after.

So here's to you, lovely man from the Ford dealership. I am forever grateful for the kindness you provided a stranger in need. The world could use more of you.

And of course, here's to you Josie Olsen, for being a constant rescue in my life. Whether it's Stella breaking down on the side of the road or I'm in need of emotional support, you're always there and I love you unconditionally for it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

For All You Women Out There

Some Kind of Wonderful

Foreword: After reading through some past entries, I noticed one phrase that seemed to reappear a few times. "Here's to you." So after some inspiration, I will begin a new type of posting...Toasts! So whenever I feel something needs recognition, I will do it in this form. Enjoy!

Toast #1

After having extensive conversations with my good friend Lori about my pathetic lack of a successful love life, she reminded me of the 1987 film that would hopefully lift my spirits. Its been years since I'd last seen it, so I gave it a shot.

If you've never seen "Some Kind of Wonderful," drop whatever you're doing right now and drive to your local video store and rent it! I don't know how I've been missing it in my life. If you are anything like me, the storyline seems to fit perfectly into your life on a number of occasions, with the exception of the ending. The good news only need one really good ending!

So here's to you, Watts, for giving hope to girls across America since 1987. May your legend pull us out of the man-hating depressions and help us find our own Keith Nelsons.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Living the Dream

Recently I aquired an internship with a company called A Caspian Production. It is an event firm based out of San Francisco owned by USU Alumna Heather Mason. I'm really excited to be working with the company. I am their new Public Relations Representative. My responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Evaluate competitive analysis of the marketplace

- Similar companies in the space

o Specifically those which market to social entrepreneurs or non-profits

o Those which target ‘Event Design’ or ‘Event Strategy’

o Conduct ‘Mystery Shopping’ or write questions/scope for Mystery shoppers

  1. Interview owner of Caspian and write main messaging documents

- Revise General Capabilities presentation

- Rewrite messaging for website

- Collect bios and photos of all Caspian staff

- Deliver to website manager to upload and QC all uploads

- Create ‘buckslip’ or ‘leave behind messages for Caspian

  1. Create press releases, newsletters, testimonials, specific to relevant clients or success stories

- Gain permission from past and present clients for stories

- Research best press sources for releases

- Discuss strategic long-range approach with Caspian owner

  1. Work with graphic designer to on ‘unique’ and particular presentation materials

- Interview and assess 2- 3 graphic design approaches

- Discuss client ‘touch’ program with regard to gifts, etc

  1. Research appropriate conferences and pitch speaking opportunities

- Discuss pitch and potential topics

- Contact HSMAI, MPI, eWomenNetworking, Entrepreneur, etc.

  1. Research and present additional business development opportunities (OPTIONAL)

- Social entrepreneur organizations new to the event space

- Non-profits with significant new capital

  1. Assist with Siena Italy Registration

- Provide customer service emails for Siena Attendees

- Compare data and provide reports for Siena Attendees

As you can see, I'll be pretty busy this year. If you are interested in seeing any of my work feel free to visit my PR blog at

TGI Friday

On this wonderful day, Friday, it is only appropriate that I wear my TGIF tie dye shirt. A little less than a year ago, Alyssa and I were growing sad that summer was ending and I'd be back at USU and therefore no longer able to spend my Fridays with her. Our solution? Tie Dye TGIF shirts. We decided that if we wore them every Friday, no matter where our lives had taken us, it would be as if we were together. We also made one for our precious Skyler, who we hope is secretly sporting his shirt beneath his white shirt and suit coat at the MTC. Happy Friday!

Adventure Crew

Ok, due to the probability of there being infinite amounts of postings about adventure crew in the future...I have created an entire blog in its honor. So if you want to keep up to date on all of the fun outings we venture out on just keep your eye on the Adventure Crew Blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Farewells and Commencements

Farewells: Goodbye Stacia and Skyler! I will miss them both terribly but am so proud of them! They will both make fantastic missionaries.

Graduates: Alyssa, Britni, Hailey, Cloey, Cassie, and Sarah, you are done! Congratulations my girls! Welcome to the life of college. Over the next 4-6 years you will experience new and crazy things that will only continue to mold the beautiful girls you are into the incredible women I know you'll be. I raise my glass to you and your future success!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


What is my favorite thing to eat on a warm saturday evening? That would have to be sushi. And where you might ask would be the best place in Boise to eat said sushi? Shige's Express. Probably the most anticipated family outing, usually rewarding yardwork or the return of a college student, so you can imagine my excitement to return to Boise and be treated to such fine Japanese cuisine.

I loved sitting with the fam, chatting with some Boise Braves (who incidentally kept taking all of the good sushi before it could float down to me...), and playing the "pretend" game with Michael and Hannah. It was deliciously delightful.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It was a pool party for all of the cool kids at my school

Q:Whats better than kicking off summer with a pool party?
A: Nothing

The weekend after school ended and summer began, Colie and I traveled to Stacia's house for the first pool party of the summer. It was so great to see everyone who had moved home! We played H2O UNO and ate some delicious barbeque, making it the best summer start imaginable.

Moving is always better with Aggie Ice-Cream

It was the last day of moving into my new apartment. I had been dreading and procrastinating it. Luckily Colie was spending the night at my house, so I had a hostage slave. After retrieving the rest of my stuff, we trekked off to aggie ice-cream to reward ourselves for all the hard work we'd done.
Of course I indulged in my all time favorite Aggie Blue Mint but also trieda lemon custard. It was in a word...dreamy. So here's to indulging in the very best Utah State way.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Bon Fire!

For Stacia's 21st birthday, a group of us decided to go up to green canyon and have a bon fire! Colie, Brady, and I set out to find wood for said fire in Brady's jeep. We got up to the canyon before everyone else and decided to take advantage of our free time, and capabilities of the jeep. In the midst of off-roading, I declared the jeep to be an "adventure car" and that was the night the three of us formed the Adventure Crew.

After everyone arrived we built the fire and had fun including Brady building torches, jumping over the fire and group photoshoots.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Centro de la Familia

So Leah and I had an english project where we had to do service somewhere around town and do a presentation on it. I got so excited. I jumped at the opportunity to go to my favorite service location in Logan...Centro de la Familia! It is a head start program for small migrant children. The ages range from infancy to six years old. They are the cutest things. Most of them speak primarily spanish. Unfortunately I only know about 10 words in spanish (I know, I know, you're thinking "what kind of cuban is this girl?"), however, I just love playing with them. Language doesn't even seem to be much of a barrier and I love it.

When Lou and I got there to volunteer, the kids were no where to be seen. Sadly, school was out of session and wouldn't be back in for a month. So instead...we organized! I'll tell you what, we were dang good at it too. We packed up the D.I. stuff like champs and swept like fiends.

Although we didn't get to do what we had first intended, we had a great time just being with eachother (a rarity since shes in the Mrs. club).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the award goes to...

It was that time of year again. Women clad in flowing gowns, men looking dapper in tuxedos, and little golden trophies being handed out everywhere, but not to everyone.
Of course, there was one award ceremony that topped them all on my charts...the Associated Students of Utah State University Awards Banquet. Members across campus, with one
common quality: Large contributors to ASUSU, gathered in the ballroom to see the recipients of this years awards.

The event had a fantastic southwestern theme with tables adorned with miniature piñatas and tiny bales of hay. The smell of the fajitas wafted through the air as we all sat down. We enjoyed an evening with friends, food, and of course awards.

Suprisingly...I got one! I had no idea walking into that room that I would be walking out of it with an award in hand. I was the proud recipient of the ASUSU Dedication Award. It was the perfect twist to an already fantastic evening!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Animal Dayz

So what could be the worst possible thing to do after getting home from End of Year Bash at 3 am? Getting up at 8 am for Baby Animal Days! Colie and I were required to volunteer at the Cache Valley event for our programming class, and neither of us were excited. Both of us looked a little haggard from the events of the previous night.

We drove out to the Western Heritage Center and proceeded to tackle our responsibilities. Luckily we were in charge of Entertainment, which meant we got to watch puppet shows. It was so fun. The puppet lady was a little bit of a crazy pants, making her shows hysterical.

During our lunch break, Colie and I had the opportunity to walk around learn about sheep shearing, spinning wool, and take GLAMOUR shots. It was hilarious walking around and posing our faux senior pictures. It definitely helped turn a haggard day into a fun and memorable one!

End of Year Bash!

Our last event of the year is an all day party for the students called "End of Year Bash." We provide entertainment, food, and prizes all for free!

This year we had Raining Jane, a phenomenal band that we on the programming board love to death. They are a group of four girls that sing eclectic rock-folk music. Not only do they have musical talent, but they are the most hilarious group of girls you'll ever meet. Check them out at or .

We served walking tacos (a bag of fritos with chili, cheese, and sour cream poured in) and had a balloon scavenger hunt. The ballroom was full of blow up toys (bounce-house type obstacle courses).

After everyone left we cleaned up the blow up toys...which took forever and led to the owner wiping his sweaty head on my hand. I was traumatized to say the least. After we finished, we dropped down to Juniper Take-Out for dinner. It was delicious. When we were about to leave, Colie couldn't find her keys. She looked everywhere for them, as Katie, Brady, and I stood out by the car. We weren't very helpful. She came out and asked us if she had left them in the ignition. Laughing we looked and there they were. To our surprise, the doors were unlocked, and the engine was still running! This just proved that Logan is the safest place on earth.

On our way back to school for the "Bust-A-Groove" competition, we drove by a park and saw a small girl running her fastest across the street carrying a propane tank. Following that, we saw a man dressed as "Waldo" walking across campus. We couldn't fathom what kind of weirdness was going on.

After arriving back at school, we sat down to watch the break dance competition and lo and behold there was Waldo! He was one of the dancers and he provided us with a lot of entertainment that night.

When the competition was over, the room turned into a dance floor and we had a massive dance party. It was such a fun night. I made so many great friends and had a blast!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flea Market

Last year, when I applied to be the Activities Director on the Programming Board at Utah State, I had to come up with some new and original ideas for events. One of my very favorite ideas, was a flea market. I wanted an event where students who were graduating, getting married, or just had stuff they no longer wanted could sell to other students. I also thought it would be great for young artists to make a little profit off of their talents.

Well this year, my event became a reality. I joined up with the Entrepreneur Club at USU and we created a really great event. It was small, but turned out great for being a first year event. Many students from the art guild sold pieces, and a lot of clubs came to sell their left-over t-shirts. We had some really great bands play and even served Scotsman dogs, a Utah State delicacy.

I'm really thrilled with how it turned out and hope to see it do even better next year!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Breaks: Part III - Sin City and Disney on Ice

We were sad to leave California, but couldn't wait to get to Vegas. We planned to tackle only half of our drive to Utah, and stay the night with my good friend Walker in the infamous city. Upon arrival we spotted the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign and naturally stopped for a photoshoot.

We spent the rest of the night wandering through the casino's and shops. My favorite was the Bellagio. It was beautiful and had a spring display near the lobby. It was a huge room full of flowers, fountains, and even a butterfly house. We watched the Bellagio Fountain and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

The next morning we headed back to Utah to attend the Disney on Ice show at the Energy Solutions Arena (the Delta Center to those of us who loved the Jazz way back when). Once Kylie's mom heard that I'd never been to Disney on Ice or any disney themed amusement park, she insisted I join them.

It was so much fun watching the show with Ky's adorable sisters, Brooklyn (6), and Halle (4). We all had such a great time that night watching Peter Pan fly, and Mickey & Minnie skate across the smooth ice.

It was a top notch spring break, and I wouldn't have spent it with anyone but my best girl Kylie.

Spring Breaks: Part II - Sun, Stars, and Jesse McCartney

Ah, sunny California. First stop: Venice Beach. Kylie and I couldn't believe our eyes. It was the most exhilarating sight we'd seen in about 8 months. We played in the water and collected seashells. Everything was so picturesque. As we walked along venice's boardwalk, we saw everything from denim printed leggings and spray paint art.

The next day, we visited the ever so famous Rodeo Drive. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon spent admiring beautiful clothing in shops that we probably couldn't even afford to step into. It was fun to dream of a lifestyle that would allow us such beautiful possessions.

Monday we went to Huntington Beach and met up with my friend Kacey. We had so much fun playing at the beach and shopping. It was a perfect day in the most perfect place I've ever been.

That night we went to Santa Monica Pier to ride the ferris wheel, but unfortunately children were having a private party (privileged much?) so we couldn't ride. It was gorgeous, however, as all the rides whizzed around, lighting up the night sky.
Afterwards, we headed up to Hollywood and discovered the best treat in the world: Yogurtland. Self serve frozen yogurt with amazing toppings. As we ate our tasty treat, we strolled down the Hollywood walk of fame searching for our favorite stars and gasping with delight every time we saw one we loved.

The next day, Kylie and I spent the day shopping at the promenade in Santa Monica. That night we went to the House of Blues and watched the man of my dreams, Jesse McCartney, perform live. It was the perfect night.

On our last day in sunny California, we went back to Santa Monica pier and rode the ferris wheel. The whole thing feels like a dream now, it was so gorgeous and fun. We barely had anytime to breathe between all of our outings.

Spring Breaks: Part I - The Journey to the Golden State

Ok, I realize I've definitely missed the on-time blogging boat. I apologize. So once again I am forced to re-cap.

I believe I left off right before Kylie and I left for California for spring break. It was a crazy trip starting off with us leaving at 10 am on Friday Morning. We had originally planned on leaving Thursday, but due to math quizzes and such, we left a little later than intended. We ventured out on our 12 hour drive to our Los Angeles destination.

Hour 1
Imagine this: driving down I-15 between Brigham City and Layton. You see a car with an oddly long antennae protruding from the roof. As you start to pass it, you see an elderly person driving with a headset on. Strange right? Now imagine seeing 12+ of these cars trucking down the interstate. Thats exactly what we saw. A convoy of senior citizens making their trek across the country. It was hilarious, and we couldn't laugh harder.

Hour 2
Pit stop at Fazzoli's. Gourmet Italian food to go!

Hours 3, 4, 5, & 6
Mostly just a lot of driving, road rage, 90's music (backstreet boys, celine dion, etc.), and stopping at state lines to take pictures.

Hour 7
Viva Las Vegas! My first time driving through Sin City was amazing. While passing all of the beautiful (and some not so beautiful) architechture we rolled down the windows and embraced all of the UV's descending from the sky (only 7 hours earlier, we faced rain and 4 inches of you can imagine our excitement to be wearing shorts and driving with the windows down). And then we saw it. Driving next to us was the most beautiful car we'd ever seen. The epitome of every girls dreams...well at least our dreams. A black Audi A4 with diamond encrusted accents i.e. the logo and grill. We were definitely jealous of the seemingly glamourous girl driving it.

Hour 8
CALIFORNIA! The golden state was finally beneath our tires.

Hours 9, 10, 11, and 12
The excitement of being in the state full of glamour and plastic people soon wore off as we endured hours of the most boring drive we could remember.

Hour 13
We have reached Los Angeles. It was beautiful. Lights everywhere (which was nice after the 4 hours of pure darkness). We were so excited to have finally reached our destination that we missed our exit. Then we got lost in downtown L.A. which was an adventure to say the least. We roamed the business district, fashion district, and then finally made our way back onto the interstate heading to and arriving at the house of Sibylle, our lovely hostess.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fugitive's been a i think the air has been cleared and I can now share this wonderful story! I'd like to tell you a story of my craziest college night to date. My friend and this other girl i had barely met, and I were looking for something a little crazy fun to do that would create some memories. Well it was really really foggy last night, like you couldn't even see three feet in front of you and so naturally we decided to run across the quad in our underwear. It was great. Super super liberating. Well so anyway once we got back to the car we were getting dressed and this car started to drive by so of course we hid. Unfortunately he was an undercover security guard. So he called the police and told them we were streaking. Then as we were leaving the parking lot, the police came and lectured us and told us we could be arrested for being sex offenders because we were being lewd. Luckily, we kept saying prayers and after what seemed like three hours, he let us off without a citation or anything. So yes, you now all know an almost felon.

Viva Los Angeles!

In two days, I'll be soaking up the rays in sunny California with one of my very best friends Kylie. Thats right folks, its that time again...SPRING BREAK! Thursday afternoon we are venturing out of Utah to enjoy 6 days in the beloved state next to the ocean. I can't even wait to just relax at the beach and go see the infamous star walkway. Stay tuned for pictures and stories!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, ok I know I promised to blog more but I promise I've been really really busy! The past month has been a bit insane to say the least. This semester I am taking 18 credits, managing a campaign, chairing Mardi Gras, and so much more!

Most of my time has been taken up by Mardi Gras. I am so excited to see how it turns out. We have been working on it since January and it's turning out fantastic. I am in charge of decorations. Our theme this year is INDULGE. So far I have made a chandelier and a huge masquerade mask for the entrance. I've also made a display in the bookstore window all with the help of my favorite roommate Kylie. I'm so excited to see everything in my head come into place on Saturday. I'm convinced it will be the best event of the year!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions, New Decade.

As 2009 came upon us, I thought it appropriate to make some new goals. I ended up writing a whole list of things I want to improve upon. One of my goals was to become better at blogging frequently (mostly because I'm constantly being hassled by Natalie and Lyss).

About a week ago, I turned over a new page in my life book: Age 20. I had a great time going to the movies with my two favorite girls in Logan, and eating dinner with a few of my favorite friends. Kylie and Amanda made me a delicious cake and gave me amazing presents. Here are a few pictures!