Friday, June 19, 2009

Living the Dream

Recently I aquired an internship with a company called A Caspian Production. It is an event firm based out of San Francisco owned by USU Alumna Heather Mason. I'm really excited to be working with the company. I am their new Public Relations Representative. My responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Evaluate competitive analysis of the marketplace

- Similar companies in the space

o Specifically those which market to social entrepreneurs or non-profits

o Those which target ‘Event Design’ or ‘Event Strategy’

o Conduct ‘Mystery Shopping’ or write questions/scope for Mystery shoppers

  1. Interview owner of Caspian and write main messaging documents

- Revise General Capabilities presentation

- Rewrite messaging for website

- Collect bios and photos of all Caspian staff

- Deliver to website manager to upload and QC all uploads

- Create ‘buckslip’ or ‘leave behind messages for Caspian

  1. Create press releases, newsletters, testimonials, specific to relevant clients or success stories

- Gain permission from past and present clients for stories

- Research best press sources for releases

- Discuss strategic long-range approach with Caspian owner

  1. Work with graphic designer to on ‘unique’ and particular presentation materials

- Interview and assess 2- 3 graphic design approaches

- Discuss client ‘touch’ program with regard to gifts, etc

  1. Research appropriate conferences and pitch speaking opportunities

- Discuss pitch and potential topics

- Contact HSMAI, MPI, eWomenNetworking, Entrepreneur, etc.

  1. Research and present additional business development opportunities (OPTIONAL)

- Social entrepreneur organizations new to the event space

- Non-profits with significant new capital

  1. Assist with Siena Italy Registration

- Provide customer service emails for Siena Attendees

- Compare data and provide reports for Siena Attendees

As you can see, I'll be pretty busy this year. If you are interested in seeing any of my work feel free to visit my PR blog at

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