Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fugitive's been a i think the air has been cleared and I can now share this wonderful story! I'd like to tell you a story of my craziest college night to date. My friend and this other girl i had barely met, and I were looking for something a little crazy fun to do that would create some memories. Well it was really really foggy last night, like you couldn't even see three feet in front of you and so naturally we decided to run across the quad in our underwear. It was great. Super super liberating. Well so anyway once we got back to the car we were getting dressed and this car started to drive by so of course we hid. Unfortunately he was an undercover security guard. So he called the police and told them we were streaking. Then as we were leaving the parking lot, the police came and lectured us and told us we could be arrested for being sex offenders because we were being lewd. Luckily, we kept saying prayers and after what seemed like three hours, he let us off without a citation or anything. So yes, you now all know an almost felon.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo. This is right before the lights came a chasin.

  2. hey dawg....I I just wanted to give you my address I know that you asked for it like forever ago....but just send it to 500 N. 320 E. Logan Ut 84321....I think that it will forward here. How has your summer been going? let me know what you are doing....miss you dawg.