Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paradise...or Something Like It

Destination: Boise, Idaho. My hometown, true love, and greatest comfort. So what could be better than converting my Utah grown roommates into lovers and respecters of its glory? Answer: Nothing.

We set out around 11:30 am friday morning for a quick weekend trip to the City of Trees. Four hours, a hostess cherry pie, and two cinnamon fire-balls later, we arrived. I was so excited driving down Gekeler Lane. The trees were clutching leaves of gold, red, brown and green, and in one word stunning. After leaving a dreary and rainy Logan, Utah, we were excited to feel the sun's warmth on our faces. We settled in and then set off to start our Boise Adventure.

First Stop: Boise Towne Square. Now to many, the mall is just a place to buy clothes, but to three college girls, its a place of opportunity (especially since the new Forever 21 had opened the weekend before). In the end, we found some great deals, and had a blast.

Later that night, my extremely lovely mother treated us to dinner at the always delicious Johnny Carino's for some italian comfort food. After inhaling four loaves of bread and one salad each, we ate our pasta and were finally satisfied. We then proceeded home to watch the favorite movie all three of us share, Baby Mama (which we have watched probably aroud 34 times in the past two months).

The next morning, we arose ready for some delicious french brekkie. We ventured down to the 8th street farmers market and each got the most fantastic croissants known to man. We then continued our shopping in BoDo, and later went home to watch our Aggies get pummeled by the Broncos.

Afterwards, we decided that we would go to the zoo to see the African Plains exhibit featuring their new giraffe. Upon arrival, however, we found that the exhibit was closed due to repaving. Discouraged we walked away trying to think of something to do. And then it came to me...CERAMICA. If I couldn't see my baby giraffe, I'd paint a bowl to look like one.

We had so much fun being artists for a few hours. Who knew we were so skilled? The time came when we had to part with our creations, only to wait until they would be picked up at Thanksgiving.

To conclude the evening, I opened the girls eyes to the magic of WinCo, where we bought peppermint ice cream and then continued home where we watched the childhood classic Thumbalina. 

It was a fantastic weekend!

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