Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Back.

Ok, so it's definitely been a minute since my last blog....but I'm back!

So much has happened over the last year. Soo....if you haven't been personally updated by me, I'll catch you up.

I chaired the leadership conference here at USU and loved every minute of it. School began, and I started planning my favorite event of all time with my best friend.

Homecoming! Brady and I were in charge of Mr. USU and we totally rocked it. Our theme was "I can go the distance" from Disney's Hercules. It was completely fabulous. I also joined the Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity for women.

Brady, Colie, and I planned the HOWL and what a success that was. We brought in about 6,000 people and made over $80,000.

I turned 21! I finally became a full fledged adult! I also got a job as an event assistant for the Utah State University Research Foundation and Space Dynamics Lab. AND I finally bought a macbook pro (which has become the love of my life).

Declared my candidacy for student office...and began planning.

Lost my election for Programming VP, but was appointed Traditions Director. Also had quite the adventure in Las Vegas and St. George with some of my favorite people.

Chaired the 52nd Annual Robins Awards! It turned out amazing. It was the most gorgeous event I've ever worked on.

SUMMER happened. I moved in with six of my Alpha Chi sisters and my really good Kappa Delta friend Emma.

NEW Car! 1998 Black Audi A4 Quattro.

Those are definitely the highlights of my year...hopefully I'll get better about blogging again.
Love you all.

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