Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Midnight Affair

There is nothing quite like the thrill of sneaking around...especially from the law. Last night two legal and two not so legal friends ventured out into the dangerous...Merritt's Country Cafe, breaking all kinds of curfew laws. It was about 11:30 pm when we arrived at the run down hole we have grown to love so dearly. When we walked in we were pleasantly greeted by a table of bikers who, after us, were the classiest bunch in the place.

Cassie, a Merritt's virgin, was not fazed on bit, which was very impressive. After we ordered our scones, Cassie and I went to feed the jukebox a little green in exchange for the gift of music. Of course, Cum On Feel the Noise was an absolute must, as well as Love is a Battlefield. However, as we approached the machine, a man stepped in front of us, inserted $3, and then contined to choose the 9 songs that those few dollars bought him. Not realizing that he had bought so many, I continued on with the mission and bought my 3 songs. On the way back to our booth we stopped into the restroom only to find a mural of a falcon feeding her children. It was SPECTACULAR.
Skyler and Alyssa had to take pictures with it of course. As we ate our scones, we waited and waited for our songs to come on.
We finished eating and still had to wait for half an hour to hear our songs. In the mean time we were serenaded with Faith Hill, and songs from the motion picture: Lion King. We paid and went outside to take some pictures with the "Silver Streak," the 16 seat station wagon that is parked out front. As Alyssa and I climbed up the ladder on the back, one very classy lady screamed, "HEY! Ya'll ain't spose'd be climbin' on that!" We ambled down a little angry, and a little embarrassed, however, our 9-song friends walked by and told us not to listen to the rednecks. Then our waitress walked out and asked us if we wanted her to take pictures of us on the streak. Sooooo....All in all, a perfect night at Merritt's.

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