Monday, July 14, 2008

Survival 101

 It began on Friday afternoon with two city slickers and a semi-experienced camper. Three girls set off into the wild unknown also known as Cascade, Idaho. A gorgeous, two hour drive on Highway 55, multiple repeats of Miley Cyrus' hits, and a bathroom break later, we rolled into Cascade. As we drove through town, we were tempted to throw our plans out the window and spend our time with the attractive boy outside of the movie theatre, and stay at the Bears Knight Inn. Somehow we pulled through and moved onward towards our final destination: Horsethief Resevoir. It was about 8 miles away from Cascade. As we drove through campsite after campsite, with no hope of finding a spot, we pondered our decision to leave our ticket taking dream boy behind. At one point, we thought we had found success. We pulled into a site only to soon later have a gruff elderly man come out of his recreational vehicle and tell us that our spot belonged to him as well as his other one. Discouraged, we left and drove on. After driving through a stream and leaving Idaho Fish and Game owned property, verging on tresspassing, we decided to turn around and look through one last time. Somehow, luck was a lady that afternoon, and we found a tiny little site wedged between a couple and their pop-up trailer, and a group of avid campers. We got out and began to put up the tent. Surprisingly, it was a very successful venture. Next was the campfire. Being the smart girls that we are, we came prepared with logs, and matches. As we put our girls camp prowess into play, we created an amazing teepee style campfire. We gathered tinder and got our fire going. It was weak, but effective. As the evening proceeded, we made marshmallow appetizers, followed by rather tasty tin foil dinners. As the witching hour fast approached, we retired to our cozy abode only to find our neighbors a little on the intoxicated side, and fairly loud. We eventually drifted off only to be awoken by dawn, and the sounds of our neighbors, who despite their late night, had a very early morning. We rose and made breakfast (pillsbury cinnamon rolls wrapped around a stick and held above the fire), and soon after ventured home. All in all a fantastic trip into the somewhat wilderness.

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  1. I still can't believe you got those girls to go with you... Did the cinnamon rolls actually work?